Instead of automatically planting pure alfalfa, consider mixing in some grass, says Bruce Anderson, University of Nebraska Extension forage specialist. $200, 110 lb 3-string bales, availab... 637 views. That’s when those round or cube bales of hay come into play. Orchard Grass is a highly palatable grass with a high nutrient content. Annual ryegrass is the grass of choice for frost seeding to improve pasture quality because it establishes rapidly, yields better than other ryegrass types through summer, and has the highest yields in the seeding year. Back to top: Advanced Search. Hay Mix Rate: 25-35 lbs/Acre 5% Timothy 55% Festulolium 40% Orchard- grass The All-Grass mix is designed for high yields and high quality hay production. Orchard grass is a long lived, cool-season perennial bunch grass that grows 2-4' tall. Orchard Grass is higher in protein (10-12%), higher in calorie content and contains the same balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus as Timothy grass. $5. Discuss the things that affect the cattle industry. It is important to realize that hay produced from endophyte-infected tall fescue will result in … Timothy and smooth bromegrass tend to produce too much forage in the spring but little the rest of the year so we recommend mixing either orchardgrass, tall fescue, or mea- dow fescue with alfalfa. Grass hay cut at a mature stage may lose more than half of its protein content. Timothy grass was introduced into North America by early settlers and has spread far across the continent. Looking to plant a new hay field this spring? Crude protein content is an important consideration when choosing grass varieties for hay or pasture. It reproduces from seed and forms tufted shoots held together by short rhizomes. Good for horses and cattle. H. hay meaning. The best species to select depends on the goal one has for the field. It grows best in well drained soils, has rapid regrowth and is palatable. Orchard Grass is the emerging super star of the horse hay world. Pigs may also be fed hay, but they do not digest it as efficiently as ruminants. Orchard grass with a little bit of alfalfa mixed in it $16.00/ Bale. So grass hay frequently is ranked lower than it should be using relative feed value. Bermuda Grass is a less expensive alternative to Orchard or Timothy hay for those horses that are fed grain or supplements. Orchard Grass Hay Sponsored Link. Orchard Grass. Orchardgrass makes an ideal everyday forage grass for a wide variety of livestock, including cattle, sheep, goats, horses and others. Straight Alfalfa 2 String Bales 50lb. Register | Login. F. REPORT OF THE MEETING OF THE OIE SCIENTIFIC COMMISSION FOR ANIMAL DISEASES Paris, 9–13 September 2019 BSE, TSE, PRION . Grass and other edible plants that have been mowed and dried. 2nd Cutting Premium Soft Grasses 2 String Bales 45-50lb. Common varieties mature rapidly, so consider late maturing varieties. Anderson says that while pure alfalfa is the best choice for some growers, mixing in a grass like orchardgrass might be just the ticket for cattle producers. Share Remove Report: Sale 0610201339. As an animal keeper, feeding your cattle is one of your primary responsibilities. These stages generally appear – if we receive a normal amount of moisture – around the first week of May in most parts of Tennessee. Like any other preserved forage, the quality of orchardgrass hay depends on multiple factors, primary of which are cultivation and harvesting techniques. The said animal feed is a ubiquitous presence in farms all over the US. festulolium, timothy, and orchard grasses, the all-grass-hay mix is designed for high yields and high-quality hay production. Timothy is common in northern areas, whereas brome, orchardgrass, and Bermuda grass are more common in the south. Fresh crop of Timothy & Orchard Grass Hay for sale. Orchard Grass & Hay. Bermuda grass is also made easily into hay for winter grazing, making it a popular crop for year-round production. Tall fescue or orchard grass hay cut early will be high quality, and good to feed a lactating cow or calf. All of these forages can be used success-fully for hay. Certified Straw for Sale - $4.50 per bale. Our premium orchard grass hay is the premium forage for Alpacas and Llamas. Tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass are grown both for their grazing qualities and for their usefulness as turf. Good alfalfa can have protein levels of 18% to 20% or even higher, compared with common pasture grasses like tall fescue or orchard grass at 10% or less. Bates warns that waiting too late to cut hay could mean an additional expense for producers. Easy to digest and cultivate, it makes a fine choice for hay, grazing and silage. $0. Fescue ••• Steve Dimitry/iStock/Getty Images. It’s always there, as you have to supply the dried grass to its consumers every day. Alfalfa hay Available Barn Stored $13.00 / bale. Please call first to confirm availability of hay at listed price and that we are on-site to load. Quality Grass Hay: (Horse, Cattle & Livestock) $5 (Damascus) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Orchardgrass has been cultivated for pasture and hay since colonial times and has been an important forage in horse husbandry since then. favorite this post Dec 8 Local Grass Hay $ 170 ton $0 (Damascus) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Available for delivery by the semi-load in Oregon. Orchardgrass- This grass is good for pasture, hay and silage. cool-season grass to use. Hay also has regional variations. Orchardgrass is largely grown for pastures and to produce hay and fodder for cattle. Len reports that the cows show no preference for either his traditional hay crops or the native grass hay. Favourite. This forage is also used among the top horse trainers and breeders in the United States.. From a nutritional angle, orchardgrass can be a worthwhile component in almost any horse-feeding … 2. It is necessary, therefore, to harvest every 30 to - posted in Alfalfa/Hay: While Im waiting for the snow to melt around here, Ive been doing some reading about various grasses and legume varieties. D. It … Excellent second cut hay alfalfa orchard grass. 100-105lb bales, $4.50 per bale. But cured hay with clovers in it are different than two green patches of bermuda and orchard grass together. Grass hay, though, is a bit more difficult. I was trying to figure that one out! Prices are 5-8 $/bale. The remainder is sold into a variety of markets, ranging from premium for dairies to alfalfa orchard grass hay for local feed stores. It is a soft green hay with excellent palatability and easily digested. Made with modern having equipment to improve your hay quality. 2nd Cutting Timothy/Orchard Grass hay is our softest hay with excellent palatability, high protein plus livestock and horses love it. $9.00 Small square hay Red Deer 27/11/2020. Threads 1.5K Messages 8K. Alfalfa hay that is properly fertilized and gets enough water can yield 5 tons to 7 tons per acre, with records of over 10 tons set in at least five states. Orchardgrass is a bunch type grass which establishes rapidly and is suitable for pasture, hay, or silage. Grass has more fiber than alfalfa, which lowers its RFV. It is usually stored and used as feed for horses, cattle and other large and small animals. All hay is barn-stored, we will load flatbed trailers, and pick-up trucks for you . Timothy/Orchard Grass hay is one of our most common mixtures that our clients prefer. Orchardgrass can withstand trampling and heavy grazing, has a high nutrient content, is a great green manure crop and is used a green chop (fed directly to livestock wet). Certified Wheat & Annual Rye Grass Straw for sale. Threads 1.5K Messages 8K. The softness of the stem and leafs make it very easy to digest and minimizing the waste. Discuss upcoming sales and sale results. Desired alfalfa/grass mixes can be maintained by picking appropriate grass species and varieties. 426 views. Has Highest Quality Potential. Kentucky bluegrass for hay - posted in Alfalfa/Hay: I have been thinking of adding some kentucky bluegrass to the mix when I sow my new seeding of orchard and timothy and didnt know if that would be a good thing to do or not. Grass hay also comes from a variety of sources including timothy, brome, orchardgrass, tall fescue, and bermudagrass. The mixture can also reduce animal performance problems associated with grass tetany and fescue toxicosis (see Purdue Extension publication AY-258, "Minimizing Tall Fescue Toxicity"). Excellent quality, tight strings, nice weight. These species will produce more grass in second and later cuttings. Top. A grass-legume mixture can improve animal gain and cattle breeding performance over a pure grass stand, especially when the grass is endophytic-fungus infected tall fescue. Some varieties are much more productive than others, and different types of cattle-raising operations, such as dairy farms, might benefit more from specific varieties. However, grass hay is very high in fiber. Hay Grass Orchard. Timothy & Orchard Grass Hay for Sale. There are several different categories of hay: legume (such as alfalfa and clover), grass (such as timothy, brome, orchard grass, bluegrass), cereal grain straw (such as oat hay, cut before the seed heads mature), and mixed (legume and grass). Text Erik at 403 586 1641. However, because it becomes coarse and less palatable as it matures, it is best suited for pastures. Orchardgrass and tall fescue will provide the highest yields. Hay. I dont know a whole lot about kentucky bluegrass. Page 1 of 1: JLA FORUMS | Classifieds | FOR SALE - Virginia | FOR SALE - Harrisonburg, VA. All times are GMT - 5 Hours: Similar Topics; Orchard grass hay mix square hay (Patrick Springs) $5. Other legumes can’t do that. It is also recommended for use as a cover crop when establishing new seedings of pasture. Orchard Grass/Blended hay (Toledo) $6. Timothy hay, Timothy orchard grass hay, Timothy alfalfa orchard hay. PROHARVESTSEEDS.COM *For best … With less protein than alfalfa, 8% - 10%, it is an excellent source of roughage for all types of livestock. It also makes good pasture for wildlife. It grows in bunches and is quick to establish itself in most locations, and is best-suited as a cool season grass. Threads 2.6K Messages 23.6K. This mix can also be used alongside your favorite legume for a superior blend. However when it becomes mature, palatability rapidly declines. It is a very desirable feedstock for cattle, horses, smaller livestock and pets. Orchard grass/pasture mix. “This year alfalfa hay has dropped to $230 a ton, while the orchard grass/alfalfa blend has stayed solid at $260 a ton,” he says, adding that price per ton is only one of several reasons for choosing to overseed into alfalfa. Threads 2.6K Messages 23.6K. It is hardy, and when cut for hay has a very low moisture content, making it more resilient to … This is a high protein hay that will help aid in milk production and energy. Hay for sale. It is very productive “bunch-type” grass that responds well to good management. Lest you want to see your goats, cows, or horses grow thin. Additionally, it is a good source of vitamin A and D without an overload in protein, and it has a better balance between calcium and phosphorus. But, that fiber often is more digestible than alfalfa fiber. favorite this post Dec 8 Fine Stem Baled Grass Hay $5 (Damascus) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. The grass family includes plants like timothy and orchard grass grown for hay production as well as cereal grain plants like wheat, oats, rice and corn and exotic plants like bamboo. Orchard grass also makes an excellent hay production crop and is complimented when planted with legumes such as Ladino (white) clover (Patriot or Durana) or red clovers. Grass … Nov 30, 2020; flounder; Cattle Sales. The heifers completely finished the orchard grass hay before they started grazing the bermuda grass. It contains lower levels of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals than legume hay. Orchard grass (Dactylis glomerata) is an excellent hay production crop especially for horses and cattle. The rapid decline in palatability and quality as orchardgrass matures is the major deterrent to its use. 3. hay bale meaning. Cash only. Bale Sizes Available.

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