Impact of price on the shopping behaviour of the Millennials. Keywords: Consumer purchase intention, attitude, online shopping behavior 1. Consumer Online Shopping Behaviour: The course of online purchasing of goods or services through e-commerce platforms can be referred to online shopping behavior. couch buying), selection of products etc. This article describes the factors that affect Millennials consumers’ shopping behaviour. 1.5Limitations There are a number of factors influencing the online consumer. 2. Social Factors Factors Affecting Consumers Purchasing Decisions in Online Shopping in Hong Kong LUI CHEUK MAN, DESTINY BA (Hons) Scheme in Fashion and Textiles … consumers when purchasing books online? There is a huge variety of consumers from a small child asking mum to buy a new game to an There are several factors which affect the buying decision of the customers. Takeaway: Cover walking areas in your retail store with soft carpet, but use hard flooring next to products. perception, motivation, learning, beliefs and attitudes. Factors Influencing Online Shopping Behavior of Consumers. Several factors such as trust, satisfaction, return policy, cash on delivery, after sale service, cash back warranty, business reputation, social and individual attitude, are considered. Purpose – To investigate the factors affecting consumer’s online shopping behavior. The objective of this paper is to determine factors that affect the consumers’ willingness to purchase product from the online store. In the domain of consumer behaviour research, there are general models of buying behaviour that depict the process which consumers use in making a purchase decision. The aim of this questionnaire is to investigate the factors that affect the consumer buying behavior. With an increase of 19.9% in 2016 and a forecasted growth of 17.5% for 2017, global business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce is now accounting for 8.7% of retail sales worldwide. When it comes to the psychological factors there are 4 important things affecting the consumer buying behaviour, i.e. Filtering Elements When a consumer is shopping, the factor that can quickly help them decide to make a purchase is a product image. Consumers’ attitude and shopping intentions on the Internet are guided by a wide variety of situational factors, like geographical distance, lack of mobility, time pressure, attractiveness of alternatives and need for special items. However, this research will try to identify the main factors influencing the online consumer and will, therefore, try to limit these to a few in That is often analyzed and studied by marketers. The non-functional motives relate more to the culture or social values like the brand of the store or product for instance. What factors influenced your decision and what factors influenced your friend’s decision? Seemingly unimportant details can affect consumers’ decision to buy or click away. The mysteries of the decisions of the online shopper are speculative at best as delving into the thought processes of each individual consumer is hard to predict. Indian consumers tend to be more family orientated than western ones but that doesn’t mean there aren’t Indian consumers who don’t make highly individualistic purchasing decisions – or Western ones that don’t think collectively. 1 Overall, e-commerce is still dominated by younger and middle-aged consumers, but older consumers … 7. When a nation is prosperous, the economy is strong, which leads to the greater money supply in the market and higher purchasing power for consumers. Personal factor is one of the important factors that affect a purchase decision. 2 Factors affecting consumers’ purchasing decision Consumer behavior studies individuals and groups when they select, purchase, use and dispose products, ideas, services or experiences. The paper focuses primarily on the choice of the type of service and the determination of delivery A Study of Factors Affecting Consumer Buying Behaviour in Online Shopping (Case Study: Digikala Online Store) Hadi Bastam1, Vahideh Tabasi Lotfabadi2, Vahidreza Kouchakzadeh3 and Mozhgan Faraji4 ABSTRACT This study was conducted with the aim to investigate determinants of consumer buying behaviour in Digikala Online Store. factors on online shopping. As a result, an integrated consumer online shopping decision-making model is developed which contains three elements—Consumer, Product, and Web Site. The consumer buying habits and decisions greatly depend on the economic situation of a country or a market. First, consumers screen a large set of products so that they can find the subset 5 Non-Product Factors That Influence Purchase Decisions. But culture never really quite goes away. Price is a very crucial factor affecting the online shopping behaviour of the Millennials (Tan & Leby Lau, 2016). It includes age, gender, education, occupation, income status and etc. This is a five-step process and is analogous to shopping characteristics in conventional approaches (Liang & Lai, 2000). It is found that marketing communication process differs between offline and online consumer decision. Introduction. Several factors affect online buying decisions of consumers. This model proposed relative factors which influence the consumers’ intention during the online shopping progress, and divided them into two different dimensions—mentally level and material level. They have studied consumer online shopping intention, motivation and decision making. The store display plays an important role in influencing the buying decision of the customers. Factors Affecting Consumers' Intention to Purchase Online IUYD’2017 / 8(2) 65 Internet shopping, which is widely used in many sectors of the world, from the food and drink sector to the pharmaceutical sector, displays a growing structure that incorporates many factors and innovations affecting consumers' buying intentions. Economic Factors. The functional motives relate to consumer needs and could include things like time, convenience of shopping online, price, the environment of shopping place (i.e. Online Shopping Statistics: Reviews Impact on Consumers Online Shopping Behavior. 1) Personal Factors. There are several factors that affect the online buying behaviour of consumers. You might be very interested in purchasing a Smart Car, but your best friend might want to buy a Ford F-150 truck. However, there are several factors affecting buying decisions and consumer behavior. The objective of this study is to provide an overview of online shopping decision process by comparing the offline and online decision making and identifying the factors that motivate online customers to decide or not to decide to buy online. 94% of consumers will not buy from an online store with the majority of bad reviews, 27% of consumers said they will be affected by a minority of bad reviews, and 35% of consumers will not buy from an online store with no reviews at all. external factors of online consumer decision process and examine the influence of offered services and delivery conditions toward consumer’s decision‑making in online grocery shopping. Consumer behavior is the decisions and actions that affect the purchasing behavior of a consumer. Factors affecting the consumer buying behavior I am business student from UOB, this survey will help to collect data for the project. This article focuses on four important demographic factors and the effect they have on consumer … identifying the factors that affect the willingness of consumers to engage in internet shopping. The decision to choose the method of shopping from participants based on this research is partially affected by demographic factors and ownership of online shopping applications. All of these factors impact on Chinese consumers’ decisions to adopt online shopping Perceived Risk was the most important factor influencing consumers’ decisions to adopt online shopping. INTRODUCTION Consumer purchase intention is an important predictor for online shopping if consumer have intention then they can behave. 23. Understanding how people make online purchasing decisions is of growing importance. Just like reviews or testimonials, images of products also play an important role in people’s purchasing decisions. 5. The study investigates the relationship between factors affecting consumer buying ... consumer buying behavior towards online shopping. this study is to explore the factors affecting customers’ purchasing decision through e-commerce (online shopping). Design/methodology/approach – A descriptive type of study using judgmental sampling for selecting the samples from online shopping users of Kanpur city.