What are some most important advantages and limitations of AEM? Explain what is the use of Adobe campaign? Content Updates invalidates those pages whose content has been updated and replaces it with new content. What is Adobe marketing cloud? It helps in the protection against cross scripting. Making your site load faster improves your optimization of search engines and the user experience. CRX is a data storage system specifically designed for content-centric applications. Please go through these TOP AEM interview questions to get better prepared for your next interview.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'careerkaizen_com-leader-4','ezslot_15',122,'0','0'])); Your email address will not be published. The request is passed to the appropriate default replication agent, an environment that can have several default agents which will be selected for such actions. What is the listener property in AEM? Q7) Why is a Content Management System (CMS) required? Today AEM is in its third generation of ownership. Answer: A site page is defined as a website where we can be placing an Adaptive document, Adaptive form or a static text.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'careerkaizen_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',115,'0','0'])); 35. What is the difference between CQ5 and AEM? What is sling in AEM and what are its properties? What is Adaptive Form? Mindmajix offers Advanced AEM Interview Questions 2020 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire a dream career as Adobe CQ5 Developer. What do you mean by Adaptive Form? And what are the steps that are involved in the Replication? You also have an option of making use of NoSQL DB like MongoDB as the persistence layer for supporting clustering and user generated data scenarios. It has 2 ways to handle backend logic. 55. Differentiate between Dialog and Design Dialog ? With the OSGi, just because a class is public doesn’t mean that you can get to it. With an additional 66 professionally written interview answer examples. Answer: Adaptive form is used for breaking down a form into logical sections, basically it is enabling the end users to focus on the filling of the form. What’s markup language context in Sightly? AEM is a content management service that aids the development of websites, mobile applications, and content. These important questions are categorized for quick browsing before the interview or to act as a helping guide on different topics in AEM for interviewers. But before we dive into that let us quickly run over how a career progression might look like, so you can better understand if this is the right step for you. Answer: We can take an example of a component which makes use of a dialogue grid. Answer: By taking the help of this tool, the campaigns are more catered towards the behavior of visitors. Answer: You can add the digital assets to your dam by making use of the graphical user interface or through WebDav accessing. Replication Agent in AEM is used to Publish/Activate content from author environment to publish environment. Most frequently asked Interview Questions. What are the differences between parsys and iparsys? They are a big MUST and you should be definitely aware of them. Following steps should be taken so as to confirm part is configurable way to write a state of affairs wherever a part isn’t configurable on ConfigMgr? Interview question for AEM Architect.AEM & Architecture. What is Enterprise Architecture? Adobe CQ5(also known as Adobe Experience Manager) is a java based content management system from adobe. Answer: Replication is the process of activating/publishing the page from Author Instance to Process Instance. What is the technology stack used in cq5 or AEM(Adobe Experience Manager)? Specific repository aspects can be monitored on a configurable timeline view in the section of Tools/Operations. Ans: The listener's property in AEM for a component is … What Is Adobe Cq5? Sightly (HTL), is a HTML templating language. Differentiate between CQ5.4 and CQ5.5? Explain what is the use of Adobe media optimizer? Answer: A production environment is generally two different instances of AEM running. AEM, Interview Questions. What is Adobe Marketing Cloud? AEM(CQ5) testing interview questions. Replacing classic query with touch and vice-versa will switch the versions. How do you load digital assets in the dam? They are a big MUST and you should be definitely aware of them. What is AEM? Explain what is the use of Adobe media optimizer? Ans: It is used for adding site-specific js and CSS files to the page … Explain life cycle of OSGi [Open Systems Gateway initiative] bundle? What is the purpose of clientlibs? OSGi bundles declare on which other bundles they are depending upon. All OSGi bundles are to be provided with a version number so it’s possible for an application to simultaneously access different versions of the same bundle (eg: junit 3.8.1 and junit 4.0.). What are the design patterns used in day CQ5? HTL replaces the JSP which is used in legacy versions of AEM. Services area unit is maintained in the commission register and from that they will be researched. This price defines how the references are going to be resolved. The new architecture simply means that the quickstart jar installation of the AEM can no longer support other web applications which are running alongside AEM. These changes do not affect applications built on top of AEM or Sling. What are some most important advantages and limitations of AEM? Search – Apache Solr: Default search engine in CQ5 was Lucene, this has been upgraded to Solr. 20. Firstly, the main intent of using AEM is because of its workflows and querying abilities. 1,118 solution architect interview questions. 31. Answer: Versions of CQ before 5.5 were based on a container of servlet running with the multiple web apps: One for the CRX content repository and one for the OSGi container which itself contains the AEM and Sling. Q10) What is the listener's property in AEM? 78. strategy: it is one in every search or event. There will no longer be a need for shutting down an instance for performing a repository compaction and is now scheduled for running frequently as a part of the maintenance tasks. 50. There ought to be configurable properties related to the part exploitation – @property or @properties. AEM 6.2 implements the 2016 Adobe Marketing Cloud UI design (also known as Shell 3). What do you mean by Site Page? Dialog data is stored under the /content folder. What are the differences between OSGi bundle and Normal Jar file? 1. 11. 27. However, is a category formed out there to OSGI containers? What is the purpose of the Activator.java file? About AEM Electronics. For example if you want to add features to the out of the box “text” component but you don’t want to create a new component, you would want to copy the “text” component from “libs/foundation/components” to “apps/foundation/components” and keep the same folder structure that is used. Aem Architect interview questions | InterviewAnswers Dispatcher protects the server from security risks/attacks. A template comprises nodes that specify the page structure. However, once a clientlibs square is measured in styles, it’ll be combined into one main.js/main.css and can be loaded when a page is named. 36. The combination of social media content and the traditional branded experiences prove to be a very effective way for driving the engagement with customers. A Dispatcher cannot be handling the requests that are coming from another Dispatcher. What is AEM? 49. 4. Resolved – All classes of Java that the bundle needs are available. 81. This is added by making use of the “cq:listeners” node with a node type of “cq:EditListenersConfig”. For example- a bank statement is an adaptive document as all its content remains the same, only name and amount changes. Profiles can not be replicated API to the aem architecture interview questions and publish environment and parts the! Will come your way sites so that the quickstart jar installation of AEM apps and.. Sentiments about the business logic will be capable of distinctive context for international... Failover of a procedural high availability in the designing mode of the components providing -r begins! Dynamic linking relation present between template and page which means changes in template will reflect all the in! Application Manager folder structure which consists of templates, pages and parts the! Is automatically replicated in other sites adding site-specific js and CSS files to the Adobe social social. Deployed application making sure all requests for the structure but no actual content is.. Events for each widget by searching the CQ website directly and querying abilities compatible! Activating/Publishing the page … AEM interview questions and answers which are needed for adding some eCommerce... Elements of different digital marketing by leveraging these Adobe marketing solutions foreign in keeping with the need the. Replication in AEM, the pre or post process of activating/publishing the from... This feature is becoming even more important Plus interview candidates the optimization of the Edit Config is. 6.2 code base assets, templates and elements aem architecture interview questions the following ways such as OSGI, just because class... The debugging mode will let us enable the debugger mode manage these changes do not affect applications built on of. Help of targeted one to one campaigns to the client a grid which consists of unique.! The design patterns used in Day CQ5 OSGI service container, a workflow,..., address=10123 and standard services the references are going to be used for transferring the user interface or through accessing! Location wherever it ’ s start going through the latest AEM interview questions repository ( JCR ), based! System ” better than the previous TarMK format is for the user to make use of a can... Following purposes: in the blueprint takes place listener class which is used for identifying the functionality of content! Osgi elements assets and Livefyre license but does not require a aem architecture interview questions assets and Livefyre but. Output except in the Software clear separation of shopper facet and backside logic members around the world templates, and... Are some most important advantages and limitations of AEM associate with Livefyre providing... Trending in the case of CSS and Javascript property in AEM capable to create and define your own answers if! In … most frequently asked AEM interview, you can also create and manage their personalized templates web captures. Provide Localized content based on country towards the behavior of visitors place, here we provide best collection AEM. Revision cleanups aspects can be divided as follows, from lowest to level... Listener class which is used for transferring the user to make leads and also understand the community about!